Leon joined team Startacus in November 2021 to help support the team with video editing and the pre, during and after promotion of our events, programmes and happenings. Plus lots of other visual marketing support!

Leon was first introduced to Startacus whilst working on our Week Gen C project that was delivered in partnership with Startacus and Enterprise Northwest. Alastair Cameron, Co-founder of Startacus said ‘The project was a good collaboration with NWRC and it shows that work experience can be of real long term benefit, it was good to see Leon work so hard and so efficiently at the tasks he was given.’

From our perspective in the HotHouze media team, this project based learning approach was fundamental in both Leon’s skills development and helping him to find a path to industry.

Do you want to follow Leons pathway? Apply to join HNC Creative Media Production today!


Credit: Leongalemedia

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