Shea Ward


Hello, my name is Shea, I am a young and aspiring Cinematographer hoping to pursue a career in the Film Industry. I am currently on-going education in Northwest Regional College in a course known as HNC Creative Media Production, the experience with such a course has been incredibly helpful in gaining experience. Prior to taking this course I have gained experience by doing my A Level on Moving Image Arts which was very much focused on the history of film rather than the process of making a shot film. However, while on-going my higher education I had gained experience taking two short courses within the Nerve Centre, one being based on the process of creating a short film along with making a short film and the second course had been entirely based on screenwriting, starting with writing techniques to a collaborative group experience in crafting a script for a short film together.

The main goal that I aim to achieve with this course is to gain much more experience when it comes to working in the world of entertainment. I want to practice a lot more with cinematography and learn as much as I can to help myself develop my skills. Another reason for going through with this course is due to it being a good introductory before going off to university which I aim to after finishing my experience in HNC. However, I primarily hope this course provides a various number of opportunities to engage and put my skill to use for businesses who may need someone with a familiar skillset in advertising.

I hope that within the next coming years I have developed an appropriate amount of experience related to Cinematography as well as branch out, making different forms of communications and connections within the industry.