Ryan Friel


Hi, My Name is Ryan, and I am currently studying HNC/HND Creative Media Studies. I have always been interested in filmmaking and have decided to come to NWRC to further my knowledge and pursue filmmaking.

Through my studies at NWRC, I hope to further my knowledge and become well-versed in the many aspects that I will be studying to help further my career and find my role on set. Through these studies, I hope to develop the skills and qualities it takes to become a filmmaker.

I’ve mostly had intermediate experience with camera work and editing software. With my previous camera work, I used the time I had to help get familiar with the technical side of the cameras. I did this by light painting using long shutter speeds and using faster shutter speeds to capture water droplets.

My main passion is storytelling, so I hope when I expand my knowledge, I can venture into screenwriting or cinematography to help tell stories and bring visions to life fully.