Emmett Johnston


My name is Emmett, and I am a young aspiring director and editor currently studying within the Northwest Regional College. I have shown my aptitude for filmmaking and particularly directing through my work on various school projects, while also taking home a 3rd place prize in the NICMAS for the promotional video I directed and edited for my client the Donegal Derry Vipers alongside my team. I’ve also worked alongside various professionals in the filming of an interview with award winning Irish chef Brian McDermott, focusing primarily on the dynamic camera for the interview itself while also helping with the lighting setup. I also have various examples of my work including my showreel on my personal YouTube channel @Emmettj4.

What I hope to achieve through my studies within the college and Hothouze, is an increasing aptitude for the physical side of media production, focusing primarily on camera work in that field. I also wish to get more opportunities to direct projects, especially when working with clients on projects such as advertisements and promotional videos. I want to work more within teams as I have shown great success in the role as a leader through the various pieces I have directed, alongside showing how well I work within a team-based projects rather than solo projects. I am a very down to earth individual which is why I work well within teams as I can relate to many different people and easily reach out to them to bring out their full potentials as shown through my award for outstanding communication in the NWRC awards in 2023. This has also been positively affecting my studies as well, receiving the best in further education award in 2022 for that academic year.

I hope that in the coming years I continue this path to increasing my various skills within the industry, getting more opportunities to work on professional projects while also reaching out to various local projects for roles within them potentially even leading to me creating my own professional projects within the future.

Showreel 2022