TJ Harvey Kelly

Film Maker

My name is TJ Harvey Kelly, I am an award-winning aspiring filmmaker with credits on productions for companies such as Netflix and Donegal Film Office, specialising in sound. In early 2022 I secured a Best Documentary win at the Hot Houze Media Awards for my short film “NEGATIVE SPACE” as well as a Recognition of Excellence award for my continued improvement in my course.

Negative Space – Hothouze Studios Documentary Film of the Year 2022

BTS photos from the set of “Bonfires” by cinematographer Mark McCauley (A Bump Along The Way)

BTS photos from the set of “HYFIN”, a short documentary funded by the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund and directed by Sean Mullan (Inhale) with Michael Barwise (Wall, Billy Willy) editing and producing.

BTS photos from “LUSH Classical” where I worked alongside accomplished jib operator Fionn Mac Giolla, jib operator for U2, David Bowie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Robbie Williams and more.