Kayla O’Doherty

Media Entrepreneur

Hi! My Name is Kayla, and I am an aspiring independent filmmaker.

I have worked on independent productions and have experience in working with a team on countless projects. I have achieved awards for my ability to work in a team and my entrepreneurship in the NWRC best in further education awards for the previous 2 years in which I have studied in NWRC.

I have worked with the British Film Institute during my time in their BFI film academy, where I worked with other aspiring filmmakers and industry professionals. I also studied Level 3 Creative Digital Media Production at NWRC. I feel like this experience in the industry will help me in my HNC studies and give me a step up in the industry.

With my studies in NWRC, I hope to achieve my dreams of becoming a successful filmmaker with the help of the amazing lecturers in the college. I am aiming to contribute to as many internal and external projects as I can to increase my knowledge of the industry and equipment used to create the productions.

I believe my talents lie in visual storytelling. I am an incredibly creative person and can bring imaginative ideas to fruition. I can create storyboards and make extensive creative treatments and pitches for my films.

I hope in the years to come I can continue to show my strength in creating and producing entertaining and beautiful films and I intend to use the knowledge I’ve gained at NWRC to help me achieve my goals in the industry and I know what I’ve learned here has brought me countless steps closer to it.