Conor Donelly

Conor Donnelly

Media Entrepreneur

Hi there, my name is Conor Donnelly. I am an aspiring producer and production manager. I have a wealth of experience as a runner, production assistant and script supervisor working with MakeMatic and Alley Cats. Through my freelance work before starting my HND in Creative Media Production at NWRC, I had already fallen in love with the media industry. I love every aspect of working in the industry, and I aim to grow my portfolio and skillset.

On behalf of MakeMatic, I have worked for multiple clients, including the Education Authority, Crayola and Google, along with Alley Cats and BBC Northern Ireland. I am hard working and dedicated to working in the industry and continue to develop as a media professional.

I worked on this series with Makematic. I shot on a green screen, worked with the animation team and recorded the voice over in post production.