Connor McDaid


Hi, I’m Connor McDaid, an enthusiastic and talented student director with a natural aptitude for all things film. Some of the examples of this are that in only the first two years of studying this industry I have worked with local businesses such as Angry Cherry and numerous projects with NWRC where I have worked successfully in various roles to create effective and efficient productions.

With my own personal work where I was awarded 3rd place in the NICMA Awards 2023 for a fiction production named Jack the Ripper, with another significant work of mine being an interview with an award-winning celebrity chef Brian McDermott for the SEC pathways into hospitality where I had demonstrated a significant level of camerawork with not only two different interviews but alongside multiple examples of B roll.

With this I will be able to back up my own words with my show reel and portfolio available on YouTube @jk_its_connor where all my credited works will be available to see.

The skills I have available to me is my leadership & directing skills that can be seen through majority of my works such as directing an ad for the local store “Angry Cherry” and my “Jack the Ripper” piece I mentioned earlier I had made in my first year of study showing my capability in a role of a writer and director. This can also work alongside my communication and networking skills where I have already made some connections in the film industry through this course and co-ordinators along with being provided a steady stream of outside work to help provide work I can incorporate into my portfolio.

What I am hoping to achieve with my further study with NWRC & HotHouze is to enhance my skills and talents in all of filmmaking but particularly focus on directing in the horror genre with hopes to create pieces to enter film festivals in the UK such as RTS Student Awards and to win 1st place at the NICMA awards next time along with other events. With the education & guidance provided by these courses I know that this goal is achievable with my determination and ability to achieve in this industry